Saldutiškio dvaro rūmai 2005 m. žiemą (nuotrauka D.Žvirblienės) Saldutiškis is a small town in northeastern Lithuania. 

The village was first mentioned in the late 18th century, when the property and manor of the Jałowiecki (Jaloveckis) family were recorded. Two of its most famous members were General Bolesław Jałowiecki (died in 1917) and his son Mieczysław (1876–1967), a diplomat for the interwar Polish government of the Second Polish Republic and a known agronomist. Bolesław established a park, rich in tree variety. The settlement Saldutiškio pagrindinė mokykla 2005 m. žiemą (nuotrauka D.Žvirblienės)began to grow after a narrow gauge railway between Panevėžys and Švenčionėliai was built in 1899. 

During World War I, the manor was abandoned and looted. In the aftermath of World War I, the village became part of the independent Lithuanian state. In the independent Lithuania, Jałowiecki family was unable to regain their estates, and Mieczysław settled in Poland. In the 1920s the former Jałowiecki's manor was converted into administrative offices and a primary school while the former barn was converted into a parish church. 

From 2001 Saldutiskis secondary school was reoganized to Saldutiskis Basic School of the Utena Region.